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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  December 29, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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to get its act together in a big way coming up in the next couple of day. over all today partly cloudy skies. a lot of 50s here. but more changes coming in tonight and tomorrow. here is brian in for sal. steve, good morning. welcome back. i want to go to a traffic issue that we are starting off with this morning. it is in san francisco. it could impact traffic later on this morning 37 these are live pictures of a sink hole that opened up on friday. that part of fourth street is shut down right now. but the water department tells us at least one lane will reopen at some point later this morning. the hole may be connected to construction work.
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>> reporter: relatives of passengers await news of the missing plane. the ceo after air asia says right now the focus should be on the search and the families of those on board. >> our focus now for air asia is to help and sport the next of kin for passenger. >> reporter: the aircraft disappearance after a suspicious year for air travel in asia. this comes after the disappearance of malaysia airline flight 370 in march. and flight 17 over ukraine. kelly wright fox news. your time is 4:32.
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both bay area nfl teams are now searching for new head coaches. alex savidge is live in santa clara where 49ers management is holding a press conference later today. >> reporter: they beat the cardinals on sunday afternoon. following that victory the players gave him a gatorade bath on the sideline. he's been here for four seasons. and even though he did have a year left on his contract, the time just seemed right for him to move on. team officials felt the same way. disappointing decision for many
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of his players. >> a lot of great memory. great moments. >> a lot of us have been with coach harbaugh since he has been here. the players that were here beforehand saw how he turned things around. and turned this organization back into a winning one. it's tough to let that go but at the same time we keep moving forward. >> reporter: and there are multiple reports that harbaugh will become the head coach of the university of michigan. he is expected to be introduced there tomorrow. there is the question of who will replace harbaugh. a couple of in house candidates are a possibility. and later on today we do understand the 49ers ceo jed york and dm trent bulky will be
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holding a news conference for the search for a new head coach. >> thanks. i know a lot of people will be watching that news conference very closely. players are not the only one bidding him farewell. fans reacted to the news that he is leaving the organization. >> we went through years of turmoil and jim harbaugh brought us back to prominence. >> and while it was the farewell game for harbaugh it was the last game for the niners. despite a rough start for the 49ers. fans say they are excited to come back next year and watch their team play. >> every time i bring new friends to this particular stadium, we want to walk around and see it because it is such a dramatic difference from candle stick. >> fans say they have already set their sights on next year. especially since levi stadium will host super bowl 60.
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the only thing will that will make that game better is if the 49ers fly in it. and let's start off with the 49ers. they finished -- after starting out the season 0-10, the raiders ended up winning three games to finish with a 3-13 record. interim head coach tony has been told he will get a chance to interview for that permanent job. ktvu viewers are also sharing their thought ons these coaching searches. just visit our facebook page to join the conversation and your comments could be read on air. let's turn now to southern california. a massive man hunt is under way as police search for a second gunman after two people fired shots at a patrol call. this happened at 9:30 last night. the officers did fire back but no one was hurt. police arrested one of the suspects at the scene and they
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did recover a rifle. the department declared a city wide tactical alert sending every available officer to the area. funeral arrangements have been set for a second new york police officer who was shot and killed in his patrol car. officer liu will be laid to rest on sunday. the funeral for his partner was held this past saturday. 23,000 police officers from around the country attended the service. liu and ramos were shot and killed on december 20th. a handful of police officers attended ramos' funeral. we also spoke with corporal
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justin graham. and today is the deadline for anyone in napa or solano county who had damage from the quake to register with fema. >> i thought it was for major damages. not for small appliances. i got a little letter in the mail during the weekend. i saw it was for things like that. a new bill aimed at stopping people from dui convictions from driving drunk again. we will tell you what offenders will be required to do again. >> an attempted home invasion
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in oakland. how the suspect used two young children to get an elderly couple to let them in their home. >> we are keeping an eye on your traffic this morning. things are look really
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oakland family is trying to get the word out about a home invasion scam that is targeting the elderly. 78-year-old exlba and her husband were conned into opening their front door. the couple said the officer told them their two daughters needed to use their bathroom and the man, two women, and two children all entered the house but the couples daughter that lived next door noticed what was happening and intervened. >> as i watched from my porch i
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was in disbelief and shock. who are these people? and once they all went in the house something in my gut told me no, that is wrong. >> the group did leave empty handed. but they were careful to wipe away any fingerprints. the man was holding a piece of paper when he entered and exited the home. they believe they have some sort of roster of elderly people, names, and addresses to target. sunnyvale police are investigating a shooting that injured a 23-year-old man. it may have started with an argument between two people that live across the street from open other. the man who was shot is expected to survive. we now know the identity of the cyclist who was hit and killed on a road in contra costa county. he died saturday when think swerved. he was assistant principal at st. maries college high school
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in berkeley. the chp says he was wearing a helmet and two other people were hurt. he leaves behind a wife and two daughters. elan musk says he has a new challenge. he wants -- it is something else no one has ever attempted. and even space-x says the chances are 50- 50 at best. trying to control the rockets reentry is trying to balance a rubber broom stick on your hand in the middle of a wind storm. not easy. he plans to launch that rocket on january 6th. for many people, the week after christmas is a time to relax and set for new goals for the new year. ernie came home for the holidays to spend time with his family but he didn't take it
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easy. he's already spent more than a year pursuing his goal of running across the country. and he's keeping up his trainable even during the holidays. the world war ii veteran is running to raise awareness for lst. over 1,000 were built for world war ii. >> now that we are retired and start seeing that nobody is -- the under people are not being educated about it, i guess we are all getting concerned. >> he all get back to his actual cross country run after the first of the year. he usually runs between 3-10 miles three days a week. so far he has run from san diego as far as new mexico. brian flores is also a runner. >> kind of. not as good as you.
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>> no, no it is impressive. but at this age to have that kind of goal. >> that puts my half marathon i just did to shame is for sure. >> no, that was pretty awesome. good morning, everybody. time is 4:46 i'm in for sal this morning. still enjoying his christmas break. that lucky dog, he is enjoying it. watching tv. we will keep an eye on traffic. i want to tell you about something serious in the livermore valley. all lanes are block westbound i- 80 because of a vol, what go jet -- volkswagen jetta. all lanes blocked westbound 580 near 680. i want to go to 880 as you go past oracle arena. things are looking pretty good. bay bridge toll plaza things are looking good as well. bay bridge toll plaza is eight
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miles. that means it takes you 8-10 minutes to get you across the span. things that sal castaneda will teach you when he teaches you things about traffic. steve is in the house. welcome back. >> thank you. this is a dry system. you can see the rain turning to snow. we are not going to get much out of this. the main impact is going to be a much colder air mass and also windy conditions. not today. not today. it will be late tonight and tomorrow. we do have partly sunny skies. partly cloudy skies. just little guy is holding. that is the key to our weather. everything else continues to go up and over. 30s, 40s to 50s on the temps. it's not that bad for some. a lot of 40s here. 44 brentwood. pittsburgh is in there.
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40s for lafayette and also into orinda. 32 ukiah. reno at two bits. 30s and 40s all the way through southern california. a lot of partly cloudy skies in the offing. the big news will be the temperatures that will really take a plunge here. our highs on tuesday may be in the morning. by the afternoon some of that very cold air will be working its way in. monday we get patchy low clouds. partly sunny and partly cloudy. it's mainly a dry system but turning much colder. in fact, high wind watch already posted tuesday into wednesday for the bay area hills. gusts to 60 miles an hour. so partly sunny and cold and windy on tuesday. that will carry into a very cold, chilly pattern. wednesday and thursday looks very quiet. a very cold care and kind of
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windy there. >> i'm kind of wimpy. i was layering jacket and cough pee. with new years a few days away we want to take a look back at the good, bad, and controversial moments in bay area sports. one talk the about moment is when ray mcdonald was arrested. that alleged violence took place after a party at his home in august. and earlier this month we learned details about a new sexual assault accusation against mcdonald. a woman claims she was assaulted after drinking where the star. >> this is the best moment in our lives. >> and the san francisco giants became world champs again. the giants beat the kansas city royals in seven games to capture their third world series title since 2010.
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pitcher madison baumgartner was voted most valuable player. pablo sandoval signed the deal with the boston red sox. and the golden state warriors started new highs. right now their record is 24 wins and five losses. the warriors most recently set a new record with a 16 game winning streak. the new story was the firing of raiders coach dennis allen. that came after an embarrassing loss. allen had an 8-28 record while he was with the raiders. and the most talked about story jim harbaugh. we will have more on that story coming up here on the morning news. going to a funeral over christmas weekend couldn't get worse. right? wrong. in 22 minutes the unbelievable
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set back one family endured just moments before that service was set top begin. >> but first a great white attack after california's coast. after the break the way a surfer was able to get to safety after escaping the jaws of the shark.
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inmate who escaped from the monterey county jail is still on the run this morning.
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a task force is looking to find freddy san son who escaped on christmas day. he climbed up a ventilation duct and punched duct. enter at your own risk. that is a warning after a weekend shark attack. park rangers say a man in his 50s was bit on his hip while surfing yesterday morning. he was able to same to shore and was take ton the hospital with what appears to be nonlife threatening injuries. 12 other surfers were in the water at the time. at least five people have died from from a fire on board a ferry. 478 people were on board.
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most have been rescued. about 80 are still on that ship. the passengers are being air lifted by helicopter to other ships nearby. a 13 yearlong war has ended. the ceremony took place in kabul yesterday. it was set up in secret due to the threat of a al van attack. nato's combat mission will be replaced by a training and support mission. 13,000 troops will stay in afghanistan to train avenue an security forests for their fight against the taliban. george h.w. bush could be released from the hospital soon. doctors say his condition is is improving. they wanted to keep him in the hospital through the weekend as a precaution. today golden state warriors star steph curry will hand out food to families in need.
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you are taking a look at pictures from last years event. this is all part of the warriors plays for the holidays community outreach campaign. stanford football players continue -- cardinal players helped serve hot meals yesterday. some also helped with food preparations. coach shave shaw says -- david shaw says it's important to help others. >> i hope i can just relish this and enjoy it. every hand they touch. every person they speak to has a chance to give them something positive. >> stanford's opponent is the university of maryland and the terrapin players were serving hot feels not far away at st. anthony's dining room. crews in pasadena are putting the final touches on the floats for the 126th annual
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tournament of roses parade. hundreds of volunteers are helping. that parade of course is followed by the rose bowl game. florida state will take on oregon. the win her play alabama or ohio state for the national championship. stephanie chang has been an athlete for most of her years. and she was selected to ride on a float. san jose sports hall of fame named her special olympics athlete of the year in 2006 and she has already won medals in ten sports. 4:56 on the clock. ringing in the new year in the right way. in 27 minutes the san francisco celebration and the safe and easy way to injoy those festivities. >> but first putting the breaks on the transit project.
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the search for missing air asia plane. >> with new years coming there may be more impaired drivers on the road. hear about a new bill being introduced today that will make it more difficult for drunk drivers to get behind the wheel. >> both bay area nfl teams are now in the same boat. what is happening today in the search for new head coaches for both the 49ers and the raiders? all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. and good morning to you. it's monday, december 29th thanks for waking up with us i'm claudine wong in for pam cook today. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and
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traffic. did you welcome steve paulson back? >> of course i did. >> some of the coldest air have seen in quite some time is on the way. it's not here yet although some may be saying it's cold. there is our system visiting portland. not much moisture with this. but for us the end result is going to be very cold conditions starting tuesday and carrying into wednesday and thursday. some low clouds are out there. not a lot. so far alls here menlo park flirting with upper 30. there at foster city 40. some patchy low clouds. as far as any rain everything is being held in check. there are signs that the next 7- 10 days something might break. that is no screaming message right now. temperatures partly cloudy, partly sunny. it will be chilly to mild. the big news is tonight and tomorrow. i'll have more on that in 12 minutes.


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